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Buy It, Sell It, Make Money

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Your Guide to Finding and Reselling Luxury Goods for Personal Wealth

Buy It, Sell It, Make Money reveals the secret to owning all the luxury goods you desire and shows you how to tap into a money making industry with no start up cash. This book is not about clipping coupons or complicated real estate investments, but a specific plan for building wealth that anyone can follow. With their unique Flipster System, Daren & Nancy Baughman show you how to find, purchase, & resell luxury items for a remarkable profit or for your personal collection.

The detailed instructions, resale guide and real life examples will prepare you to start making money right away! Millions of Americans are mired in debt and the Flipster System is their way out of a dead end cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. This system will not make you an overnight millionaire but it will generate a steady stream of cash so desperately needed by many. For more information about Buy It, Sell It, Make Money, click on the "book" link in the upper right hand corner or...


Find Treasures in Your Attic


  1. Pottery. North Carolinians have a rich tradition of collecting pottery and if you are lucky to have an old piece from a well known potter, it could be very valuable.
  2. Old Sterling flatware and hollowware. Beautiful old silver is still popular and fall is the best time to sell silver flatware as people prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Vintage toys. Toys do not have to be antique to be valuable. Toys from the 1950s, 60s and 70s can bring a good price in online auctions.
  4. Vintage designer costume jewelry. Do not toss out costume jewelry! Some of the vintage piece can be worth hundreds of dollars. Look for pieces marked with designer names such as Miriam Haskell, Schiaparelli, Eisenberg, Kramer, Hattie Carnegie and Lisner.
  5. Dolls. Early Barbies, Nancy Ann Story Book dolls and antique porcelain dolls are still good sellers.
  6. Marked Glass, Lalique, Daum Nancy, Galle, Steuben, Baccarat, Waterford, Quezal and Tiffany.
  7. China. All kinds of china sell well on eBay. Depending on the maker and pattern, a set of china could bring hundreds to thousands of dollars. It does not have to be old but it should not have damage.
  8. Anything from the 1960s that has the sleek modern look.
  9. Old figurines, statues and bronzes.
  10. All things strange and unusual. Nothing sells better on eBay that the weird and wacky.
Spring is a great time to clean out and sell your unwanted items. So start searching!


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