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Buy It, Sell It, Make Money

Best Self-help Business Book

Your Guide to Finding and Reselling Luxury Goods for Personal Wealth

Buy It, Sell It, Make Money reveals the secret to owning all the luxury goods you desire and shows you how to tap into a money making industry with no start up cash. This book is not about clipping coupons or complicated real estate investments, but a specific plan for building wealth that anyone can follow. With their unique Flipster System, Daren & Nancy Baughman show you how to find, purchase, & resell luxury items for a remarkable profit or for your personal collection.

The detailed instructions, resale guide and real life examples will prepare you to start making money right away! Millions of Americans are mired in debt and the Flipster System is their way out of a dead end cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. This system will not make you an overnight millionaire but it will generate a steady stream of cash so desperately needed by many. For more information about Buy It, Sell It, Make Money, click on the "book" link in the upper right hand corner or...



We Can Help With All Your Real Estate Needs.

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We Sell Your Items on eBay! 

EbizAuctions is a registered eBay trading assistant and consignment seller.  We can sell your valuable items on eBay for you.  We are certified and licensed and have been operating in the Triangle area since 2002.   For more information about our eBay consignment sales & pricing  click on the About Ebiz link above.

Appraisal Services:

EBizAuctions has worked with corporations, attorneys, insurance companies, families, and private individuals to provide custom appraisal services. We are certified personal property appraisers with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America and can provide written, video taped or verbal appraisals.

Insurance - It is important to have an appraisal before a catastrophe happens. Having a written appraisal as evidence of the true value of you assets will help with the claim process.  Local Agents: We can identify the true market value of personal property if there is a claim.

Estates - Let us equability divide the assets! Our third party assessment will ensure the fair division of family assets.  

Divorce - Protect what is rightfully yours!  During this time we can offer an objective voice in dividing the martial assets. 

 Liquidation Bankruptcy or going out of business - We provide certified documentation as to the value of your assets that will stand up in court.

Call us today for confidential consultation. (919) 463-7713

Estate and Tag Sales

For some clients, the online auction method may not be the best option for marketing their estate items.  Or, some clients may prefer the more traditional method of a tag sales for final disposition of their items.  For these unique situations, we offer our professional staff to conduct an on-site tag sale, wherein all items are priced and offered for sale, usually over a one to three-day period of time. 

Benefit of using eBizAuctions., to conduct a Estate or Tag Sale:

  • Our knowledge and expertise with secondary market pricing
  • Targeted marketing which can include direct mail to our database of buyers, resulting in the best advertising to the right customer
  • Spreadsheet sale reports and pre-sale inventory
  • Complete staffing of the event
  • Your best interest and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Supervised removal of items post-sale


  • In most cases, items which would best be marketed/ sold via eBay are relocated to our facility prior to the tag sale event (with customer approval).   These items would be offered to the millions of eBay buyers instead of just the local community.   By offering both services, we allow clients to receive the maximum return for their items and therefore provide the best possible outcome and a successful sale.  Please call or email for a tag sale consultation.



Buying Service

Some of our clients need to dispose of their items quickly.  The items may be in a costly storage facility or rented space.  There may be estate items that need to be move out of the home or a need for quick cash.   Whatever the issue, if you need to sell your items fast, then eBizAuctions will purchase one item or the entire contents of the home, estate or storage unit.   Call or email for more information.

Consulting and Coaching Services:

Looking to get started on eBay?  Considering an eBay drop off store franchise? Our personalized consulting services give you the tools to get you started.  Talk to us before you commit to franchise fees.  We offer a wide variety of consulting and coaching services at affordable prices.  Anyone can buy on eBay but it takes some knowledge and work to be a successful eBay seller.

Guest Speaking Engagments:

Daren and Nancy Baughman are available for guest speaking engagements for business, civic and social organizations.  We have given speeches on eBay,  buying items to resell, changes in the antiques and collectible industry and more.  We can provide free verbal appraisals and can offer great door prizes! Please contact Nancy Baughman if your organization is interested in having either or both the Baughmans as guest speakers.


Twice a year, the Baughmans hold a seminar teaching others how to become a successful Flipster.   The Baughmans can teach anyone their system on how to buy and resell luxury goods for fun and profit.  The seminar is based on their best selling book Buy It, Sell It, Make Money.   For more information about upcoming seminars, contact eBizAuctions at info@ebizauctions.com